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Which headphones for running are best to choose – what should you pay attention to when choosing them?

Publish date 24.08.2021

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Which headphones for running are best to choose – what should you pay attention to when choosing them?

Do you like listening to music while running and do not know which running headphones to choose? You have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn which headphones for runners are best to choose. What is more, you will find out what to pay attention to when choosing them.

Some people love to listen to music and cannot even live without it. Even during their daily activities, they want the music to play in the background. Others, on the other hand, prefer silence. They relax while listening to the singing of birds or the sound of the wind. The same goes for runners. Some people prefer when the music is playing in their ears during the daily run, while others prefer peace and sounds of nature. 

If you are a person that likes to listen to music while running, you are probably wondering which headphones are the best for running. There are many aspects when you want to choose the best best headphones for running

Features of the best headphones for runners

If you decide to buy headphones for runners, you must remember to choose the ones that will fulfill the most significant functions. Before buying them, you should carefully study the product and read all the information. Everyone wants the headphones to be light, comfortable, and meet all of their expectations. So what are the most crucial features of good run headphones

1. Headphones for runners do not fall out of your ears

It is probably the most significant feature of any headphones. For people who are not active, this is an important aspect, let alone for runners. The running headphones should not come out or fall out of your ear while running, jumping, or shaking your head. When the headphones do not meet this requirement, running in them is simply uncomfortable. Nobody likes to fix their earpiece all the time, and certainly not while running. Therefore, you should choose those that fit well. We have several types of headphones, but we will talk about them in the next part of the article.

2. Waterproof

Headphones for runners should be resistant to rain. You do not know what will happen to you during your daily training. The weather is sometimes unpredictable, so your product must be resistant to this type of weather. In addition, this will ensure that the headphones are also resistant to sweat, which appears during each training session. Rain mustn’t damage your running headphones. Everybody wants them to serve them for a long time.

3. Long battery life span

It is another crucial aspect to consider when choosing headphones for running. Nobody wants to load them after every workout. The worst thing can be a dead battery during training. Therefore, before buying, you need to look at how long the battery lasts. It is also important to check their charge status before training so that you do not have a surprise in the form of a flat battery in your running headphones during the training session.  

4. Good bluetooth connection

Good Bluetooth connection in running headphones is essential if you choose wireless headphones. We do not want the connection to break or the sound to crack. A stable and good link between your phone and your headphones will provide you with the highest quality of music, which will make your long or even short-run pleasant.

5. High sound quality of the headphones for runners

Each of us wants to enjoy the music, therefore, you must hear the sound from the running headphones of the best quality. Of course, this is affected by Bluetooth, but not always. No matter if they are wired or wireless headphones, you must test the sound quality. If you cannot try them out yourself, it is best to ask the users of the headphones for runners you want to buy for their impression. Eventually, look up the opinion online. 

Special protection in running headphones against falling out of the ear

If you are worried that your headphones will fall out during the run, choose the appropriate type of protection. Here you can find several types. You will certainly find something for yourself. In stores, you can find rubber tips, a stable wire worn over the head, and a wire worn over the ear. Thanks to such protections, the headphones will stick better while running. This will prevent the running headphones from falling out of the auricle all the time.

Which headphones for runners are best to choose – wired and wireless headphones

Certainly, when choosing the right headphones for runners, we wonder what is the best to choose wireless or wired. It is, of course, an issue worth discussing. Each type of headphone has its pros and cons. It is difficult to tell what type is better. You should choose them according to your needs and preferences. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Wired headphones

Wired headphones for runners certainly all of us had or have. Their biggest advantage is that they provide a stable connection and sound, thanks to the cable that connects the headphones with the device. What is more, they do not need recharging, so they will always be ready to use while jogging. You do not have to worry about forgetting to recharge them or that they will stop working halfway through your training. Thanks to the cable, the sound from the headphones reaches you in a realistic time, without delay. Wired headphones usually have better sound quality than wireless headphones. The downside is the cable, which can get in the way or get tangled during the run. Occasionally, during sudden movement, the cable may break loose from the phone, resulting in a loss of sound. Wired running headphones must always be close to the device to which they are connected. You can move away from it to the maximum distance of the cable length. 

Wireless headphones for runners

Wireless headphones are devices that not everyone will choose. A lot of people prefer traditional wired headphones. However, what are the pros and cons of such running headphones?

The lack of a cable is a big plus. Thanks to this, you have greater comfort in running, and you do not get tangled up. What is more, you are not limited. It means that you can move away from the device to which you connected the headphones for runners at a greater distance. You do not have to worry about the length of the cable, as in the case of wired headphones. The earpiece connects to the device via Bluetooth. The downside is the disruptions that can sometimes occur. What is crucial to know is to remember to charge the running headphones. If you forgot to do this, you may encounter an unpleasant surprise in the form of discharged headphones, not ready to accompany you during your training. Another disadvantage is that the sound often picks up from your ears with a delay. Maybe it is not a big difficulty when running, but you can notice this problem when you use the headphones in other circumstances. In many models, you can also find lower sound quality than in wired headphones. 

The 5 best headphones for runners

1. Bose SoundSport Wireless

Best headphones for running - Bose
Headphones for runners – Bose SoundSport Wireless. Source:

The Bose SoundSport Wireless headphones are comfortable and perfect for jogging. Includes cables between two buds. Thanks to this, you can run without fear that the headphones will fall out of your ear. Moreover, the connecting cable is soft and will surely not be uncomfortable while running. Most importantly, it has very good sound quality, which will surely appeal to all runners who want to enjoy music through their headphones. Remote is well-positioned, and you can comfortably and efficiently change songs or stop them. It is essential to add that these running headphones are sweat-resistant and IPX4 splash-proof. A crucial point in choosing wireless headphones for runners is battery life. In this case, your equipment will last 6 hours without recharging, which will probably be enough for a few training sessions. 

2. Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro

Which headphones best for running - Beats design
Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro – headphones for runners. Source:

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats Pro are earbuds that will be perfect for your training sessions. Thanks to the handles that are situated behind the ears, they will not fall out while running, jumping, or moving your head. What is more, they have excellent sound quality that will surely please every runner. The greatest advantage of these headphones for runners is the battery life. A fully charged battery lasts up to 9 hours of use. What is a big plus is that even by connecting them to charging for a few minutes, you can enjoy several hours of listening to music. It is something that will please the runner who forgot to charge their headphones, and in a few minutes, they go for a run.

3. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

headphone for running - desing of the bose model
Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds – earbuds design. Source:

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are one of the best headphones for running. One of the advantages of these wireless earbuds is their sound-canceling function. With this feature, you can fully enjoy the music or podcast you are listening to. The sound-canceling function will help you get rid of unwanted sounds that surround you. Headphones for runners are light and have high sound quality that will make every run pleasant. Battery life is 6 hours when fully charged. Interestingly, you can make the headphones work for 18 hours if you use the charging case. 

4. JBL Endurance RUN

which headphones best for running - JBl model deisgn
JBL Endurance RUN – headphones for runners design. Source:

The headphones for runners will surely appeal to many people. If you do not want to use wireless headphones, these will be a good choice. Bass is heard when listening to music, which will make the music pleasant to listen to. The headphones offer sweet protection and IPX5 water resistance. They are light and have a very good built-in microphone. Thanks to the fact that they are wired headphones, you do not have to worry about charging them. You can take them with you to training at any time. Thanks to the remote on the cable, you can freely change or stop the music you hear in your running headphones.

5. Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wired

headphone for running - Bose model design
Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wired – running headphones design. Source:

Bose SoundSport In-Ear Wired are headphones that will provide you with high-quality sound, which is dynamic and will motivate you to train even more. They do not have the sound-canceling function. Thanks to this, you will be aware of what is happening in your environment. It is crucial when running as it keeps you safe. It is essential to be aware of your environment. The headphones have wire, so you do not have to worry about charging them. They will always be ready to go with you on your next running challenge. The headphones for runners are also sweating and moisture resistant. Thanks to this, they will survive even very intense workouts and unfavorable weather. However, be careful as they are not waterproof. 

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