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Interval runs – how to burn body fat with running training?

Publish date 20.07.2022

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Interval runs – how to burn body fat with running training?

How to burn body fat, which begins to accumulate excessively in different parts of our body and starts to negatively affect our appearance? This question is asked by many people who start their adventure by running. Similar dilemmas have even more experienced runners, who fail to lose weight despite their efforts. There is a solution for this – interval running. This type of training is (according to the experts) one of the most effective running methods that help to slim the figure.

At the same time, however, this type of training requires a lot of effort, and hence – self-denial. Therefore, when starting interval running it is crucial to prepare yourself properly for such training by developing a plan for increasing the loads. So, how to quickly burn body fat with such interval training?

Running – interval training. Running with breaks. What is it about?

It is important to start at a leisurely pace. Over time, with regular training, the interval running will usually increase when it comes to the distance. As a result, runners improve endurance and the overall condition of the body. Sometimes, however, it turns out that even gradually lengthening distance and returning home later at night do not translate into quick fat burning, and the sight of unwanted folds on your own body doesn’t want to go away to the past. 

Most often, the insufficient intensity of interval running is responsible for the lack of effects. Over time, our body gets used to running ever longer distances. If the exercise is not intense enough, the boy draws the energy it needs to work primarily from muscle glycogen and blood glucose. Thanks to that, to some extent, it begins to reach adipose tissue for this purpose, but even with long training, the share of such energy consumption will be small. 

The situation changes when you start to increase your pace of the run. At this point, our body needs more energy, so it burns more and more fat. Only then you will see the changes, thanks to interval running. Weight loss will start to be visible. 

Interval running – beginners this is for you 

You are probably wondering how to start interval running. Beginners need to make an appropriate plan, which does not have to be complicated! Before the interval run, remember to warm up properly to prepare your muscles for physical exertion. In the case of warming up, it is worth doing jumps, swings, and lunges. You can also do some jumping jacks and squats. This kind of activity before an interval run should take about 5 minutes.

However, how do you start interval running? Beginners should not overdo it, so it is worth starting with a one-minute run, and then going for a light jog for about 2 minutes. Repeat these runs four times (4 series). If you still have strength, you can increase the run to 2 minutes and then go for 10-15 seconds into a full sprint. This series must also be performed 4 times. At the very end, move on to walking.

Remember that you are only at the beginning of your adventure with interval running. Therefore, training can be performed 2-3 times a week. It is important to not forget about rest and time to regenerate and regain energy. The physical effort should last up to 40 minutes. What is more, the intensity and length of your workout will depend on the shape that you are in. 

Interval running – weight loss. How to burn fat with this activity?

It is important to mention that when it comes to interval running, you should be properly prepared first. Thanks to this, on the one hand, you will maximize the effects of such efforts, and on the other hand, you will prevent injuries. This type of training puts a lot of strain on the body. It includes muscles and joints that are overloaded during interval running even more than in regular jogging/running. 

This type of effort involves fast twitch fibers, which are responsible for bursts of energy during sprints and intensive movements. It has advantages for our body. Thanks to this, the body will burn calories not only during exercise but also after the training. The greater the energy deficit during the run, the more it can affect our figure.

Interval running – a weight loss plan that will bring results?

Interval jogging involves combining sections with a variable pace during training. Fragments of the route are intertwined in it, which are covered by a fast run with a much slower pace, most often even at a jog. In this way, the body is regularly stimulated to greater effort.

The faster pace sections should be covered at a speed of about 80 percent of their capacity, and slower sections at a pace of 20-25 percentage points less. The intensity of the intervals depends primarily on the length of the periods traveled at high speed. However, it is worth remembering that during such training, you should not stop for a moment. During the rest sections, you run slower but remain in constant motion.

Typically, for interval training, it is recommended to increase the intensity by shortening the rest periods. Therefore, such a run to burn fat does not have to be particularly long, but it will be more exhausting for our body than a long run at a slower, steady pace.

What is more, you should remember that despite interval running, weight loss depends on energy deficit only. It is also important to know that when you train you also should consider what you eat. Follow your diet! Thanks to that your training will bring the expected results and a slimmer figure.

Running with intervals – the most popular methods

The easiest way to plan interval training is when you have a wristwatch. It is because running for a certain period at a fast and slow pace allows you to easily create an effective training plan with intervals. You just need to set a time for a quick run and one for jogging. 

Before we mentioned how beginners should train. When you have experience in this type of run, you can change the proportions over time, lengthening the sprint time and reducing rest at the same time. One of the forms of training is also divided into series in which after a few intervals there is a moment of complete rest, and only then return to the route. Thanks to the intervals, the training can only last 10-15 minutes, and it will still be extremely effective. You also need to add a few minutes of warm-up and a moment of stretching after the run – without it, sooner or later you will get injured.

Some people use not only a watch but also a GPS during interval running. Workouts of varying intensity can also be planned in terms of the distance covered. Then you plan sections with a length of 100-150 meters, which you will run at a fast pace, and appropriately longer sections of the route, during which you will rest. It is then worth setting the characteristic start and finish points of fast sections, thanks to which the interval training will have a more structured format.

Running interval apps 

Smartphone applications can also be useful in running interval training. Thanks to them, it will be easier to determine the moments of changing the pace of the run. After turning on and setting the selected plan, the application will keep track of the time allocated to a slower and faster run.

It will inform you about it with special sound signals, which will make it easier to stick to the assumptions from before the training. Some applications only allow you to use predefined training strategies, so it is worth looking for one that allows you to shape your plan and adapt it to your possibilities.

Running interval apps – what to choose?


This is a smartphone application, which will improve not only your condition but also your health. The main purpose of this app is to burn fat through interval training. It has a function that allows you to choose different intensity intervals. Thanks to this, you can adjust your training to your condition and physical endurance. What’s more, the app also provides recovery exercises to help you get back to shape faster.

It is also important that the application analyses the results of your training and allows you to define goals that are worth achieving.

iSmooth Run

When it comes to the running interval app, this is another handy option for people who practice interval running. The application allows you to adjust the training session to the user – their condition and endurance. This is because it is possible to set custom intervals.

It’s important to mention that this app will self-determine the breaks you need during your workout – this will happen after you set the intervals. iSmooth Run is perfect for beginners and those who have been training for a long time.


This app is a great help when it comes to interval running. Workout with this application will be a pure pleasure. You can choose the intervals, distance, and intensity of exercises. What’s more, Ripit ensures balance during training. What does it mean? The app selects intervals and breaks so that the training is as effective as possible.

A big advantage of this type of application is tracking your achievements. This is also the case with Ripit. You can see what progress you have made and follow the data that appears on the chart.

Now you know what interval running is. This training focuses on taking breaks and changing the intensity of the run. If you want to learn more about intervals, click here: Thanks to this, you will understand better and see how effective such training is.

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