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The 7 best running apps in 2021 – make your running more efficient

Publish date 18.08.2021

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The 7 best running apps in 2021 – make your running more efficient

Are you starting to run? Do you need motivation or something to help you keep track of your training? Maybe through your physical effort, you want to help others?

If you are one of these people, you will find a running application useful for every reason above. You can easily and quickly install an application for runners on your smartphone. It will not cost you anything to download, and the satisfaction is sure to be great. All you have to do is go to Google Store or Apple Store and click the appropriate icon for the running app to appear on your phone in a few moments.

Maybe you are wondering if you need such an application? Is it for me? Which application is best to choose? This article will surely help you answer all the previous questions.

Why should you download the running application on your phone?

Some run for recreation, others want to achieve something, prepare for marathons or other sports runs. Everyone has a different goal. Some people do it for their health or because they like it. Regardless of the reason why you run, an running app will be beneficial. Thanks to it you will keep track of your training. You will see exactly how many kilometers you have run, how fast and long you have run, and at what time. You can even see how many calories you have burned. Often you can share your achievement with friends.

The application for runners will doubtless help you observe what path you have traveled from the beginning of your training until now. It will also help you see your progress and how much better you have become. An additional help to the running app will be a running watch that will facilitate your training.

Are running apps suitable for everyone?

The answer is simple: YES! It does not matter if you are an experienced runner or you are starting your adventure with running. Sometimes applications for runners will even help you to adjust your training. Beginners sometimes feel that such apps will be unnecessary for them. However, you should at least try and test the selected running application. It will surely be an invaluable help. Some of the applications may motivate the user not to give up and achieve the goal set for himself. Therefore, do not hesitate and give it a try!

How to choose the best running app for you?

At first, it is hard to choose the running application that is perfect for you. Most frequently, we follow recommendations from friends. We just as often decide on the apps for runners that are the most popular. It is because we believe they will be the best. It is best to test a few runner apps. Train with them for a while and see if they suit you.

Even though it may seem that the application for runners only calculates how much you have been running, the apps have even more features. Therefore, in the beginning, it is best to test them and then choose the one that benefits you the most. Thanks to this, you will find the perfect application for yourself. Running will be much more fun, and you will be able to follow your routes and progress.

Now let’s move on to the primary part of this article. Here you will find seven running apps that are the best in 2021. Thanks to this, you will choose the application that is best for you. We will present you with applications that will help you in daily training and even motivate you to take action and continue physical activity further.

1. Strava ( running app for android and iOS users) 

Strava - running application logo
Logo of the Strava application for runners. Source:

This running application has two versions: free and paid version. If you want to use a few additional functions, unfortunately, you have to pay for them. It is an running app not only on the phone but also on the computer. Thanks to an application website, you can check your statistics and all routes that you run. What is more, you can share your achievements and trails with your friends on various social media e.g. Facebook. Let’s focus first on what you get in the free version, which you can quickly download on your phone.

At first, it should be noted that this is an application that can not only help you guide your running. If you are a fan of cycling or swimming, this is also a good choice for you. By downloading such a program on your device, you can track, analyze and determine the route you will run in the future. Moreover, the application for runners will show you the distance you have run, the pace, and the number of calories burned. In addition, you will also see the speed with which you ran the distance you previously set.

If you are interested in what the paid version gives each subscriber, this is for you. Thanks to the paid version, you will get a personalized version of training tailored to your abilities. What’s more, it will show you your condition and fatigue.

When it comes to posting your workouts and your routes online, be careful. It can be dangerous. After analyzing your track, someone will have detailed information about where you are running and at what time. Let’s be reasonable and be careful with the data we publish on the internet.

Strava - functions of the running app
Track your runs, training progress and analyze the information. Source:

2. Runkeeper (running application for android and iOS users)

Runkeeper - running application
Logo of the Runkeeper application. Source:

If you need motivation, this is definitely the application for you. Runkeeper, thanks to a special voice trainer, motivates you to train and to start your physical activity. Therefore, if you want to run or do other physical activity, and you are simply not motivated, this running application will help you. It is true that many people recommend this application for beginners. However, this does not mean that an experienced runner cannot use this application. It is easy and quick to use. In this application, just like the previous one, you can share your achievements online on various social media. Runkeeper will show you speed, pace, distance and calories burned. Such information is essential if you want to observe how you develop and how your condition improves.

An interesting feature that Runkeeper offers is the function of calculating a new route. This application for runners calculates a new running route based on previously traveled routes. Thanks to this, we will certainly not get bored with the area we run every day. This option allows the user to discover new places and routes that can be used for his runs. 

Runkeeper - functions of the running app
Runkeeper will help you with your daily training. Source:

3. MapMyRun (running app for android and iOS users)

Mapmyrun - phone running app
MapMyRun – logo. Source:

This is an running app that became an alternative when Endomondo disappeared from the market. MapMyRun offers the same functions as the two previous applications, i.e. pace, distance, speed and calories burned. What is worth emphasizing is that the application for runners is not completely free. You must pay for additional features. There is a trial period of 14 days. It is definitely worth using. This way you can see if the features it offers are right for you and if you want to pay for them. As for the paid version, there are, among others: heart rate analysis or interval training mode. An interesting addition is the audio running trainer. Thanks to this function, you will get head advice on the pace or speed at which you are running.

Count pace with running application - MapMyRun
Pace, distance, speed and calories burned – count it with MapMyRun. Source:

4. Pacer Pedometer (running application for android and iOS users)

Logo of the Pacer Pedometer app
Pacer Pedometer – logo. Source:

The application, like the previous ones, will provide you with physical activity. Interestingly, you do not even need to log in to the application. Just download it to your phone, choose your avatar, and you can start your adventure. It is not just a running application. It also measures all steps taken during the day, when we have the phone with us. The application records the number of steps, activity time, and distance. It also shows the number of calories burned, which is extremely important for some users.

The app also shows your weight and BMI. You should put the data at the beginning, and then you can watch it change thanks to your daily physical activity. Thanks to this, you will feel better, and you will continue to build better and better form. Turning on GPS will make it easier to track your activity. It doesn’t matter if it’s running, biking, or roller skating. To motivate you to act in the running app, you can set your daily goals. Moreover, you can connect with friends and family to compare your achievements.

The application for runners can also serve as an additional motivation for daily training and setting new goals. A Premium version is also available. The premium version offers features such as advanced analysis and activity reports, a weight loss program, and weight monitoring options. What’s more, for premium users, instructional training is also available, which will allow you to burn unnecessary calories. For people trying to lose weight, burning more fat can be a very exciting feature to test.

Running app - functions of the Pacer Pedometer
Train, burn calories and compare your achievements with others with Pacer Pedometer. Source:

5. Nike Run Club (running app for android and iOS users)

NCR - logo of the application
Nike Run Club – logo. Source:

Nike Run Club is an application that will analyze, among other things, distance, time, pace, and calories burned during physical activity. At first, it may seem like it is no different from other applications, but it does have some advantages. This application for runners was created in consultation with runners. Therefore, the appearance and options that we find here are indeed practical. The application analyzes and sums up all our training sessions. Thanks to this, we can see what progress we have made over the weeks or months.

What may surprise the user is that the running application has a music player. Thanks to it, we can enjoy our favorite music, which will encourage us to continue training. In this case, we can also connect to our social media and publish our achievements online. You can also share personal goals. Interestingly, if your friend also owns the Nike Run Club, you can challenge them. 

Running application - features of Nike Run Club
Share your personal goals, analyze and sum up all our training sessions with Nike Run Club. Source:

6. Runcoach (running application for android and iOS users)

Running application - Runcoach logo
Logo of the running application Runcoach. Source:

Runcoach is an application for runners that will surely provide you with a good plan of physical activity for the whole week. From the very beginning, you choose the days when you want to run, practice another sport or relax and give yourself time to regenerate. The app will show you how to train at what pace and speed to run to prevent injuries. It also records your pace, speed, distance and calories burned. Your workouts are summed up and analyzed, so you know what progress you are making.

Runcoach is not a random name for the running app. It contains advice, and you can also have conversations with coaches. During the trial period, which lasts 14 days, you can use their advice and ask questions. If you like it after the trial period, you can purchase the premium options. If you have a question about nutrition, training, or an injury, you can write to them. You will get answers to your questions. 

Runcoach - running app functions
Ask the coaches about the nutrition, training, or an injury when you have the premium version. Source:

7. Charity Miles (running app for android and iOS users)

Charity Miles - running app logo
Charity Miles – logo. Source: 

Charity Miles is a free running application that is very easy to use. However, its greatest strength is that you help others through it. If you want your physical activity to contribute not only to your life but also to the lives of others, you should choose this application. By installing it on your phone, you first choose the organizations that you want to support. Through your physical activity, you will raise money for them. You can choose from over 50 charities. You can choose how you move at a given moment, e.g. running, dancing, walking.

Your every step can have a positive effect and turn into the help that so many people need. The application for runners will show you how many kilometers you have done, how much money you have collected, and how many days you have already been helping. You can also track your progress. The application shows that it is worth helping others and that it does not require so many sacrifices. As the American actor, Misha Collins once said, “Even small acts of kindness can make a profound difference to somebody else.”

Charity Miles - running application
Run, raise money and support your favorite charity organization with Charity Miles. Source:

Running applications certainly facilitate everyday workouts and motivate you to continue. You have to remember that it will be difficult at first. You probably will not have a good time or a long distance. However, do not give up and pursue your goals. The application for runners (whichever application you choose) will help with this and make you feel better. Regardless of the motivation and purpose, it is definitely worth installing it on your phone. 

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