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The benefits of running – TOP 10 advantages of regular running

The benefits of running – TOP 10 advantages of regular running

What are the benefits of running? There are a lot of them, and it’s really hard to count them. You can gain a lot when you are running regularly. It is very important to highlight the word: REGULARLY

You are probably thinking about what it means when it comes to this kind of physical activity. It means that by training for 30 minutes a minimum of 3 times a week, you can very quickly notice all the advantages that are listed below. In its important to mention that the benefits of running will appear depending on your age, sex, diet, intensity, and frequency. 

Now let’s move on to the TOP 10 benefits of running. 

What are the benefits of regular running? 

1. You will get the body that you will proudly show on the beach during summer 

As you probably know if you want to achieve a perfect body and lose a few pounds it’s worth it to start running. It’s not a secret. It is one of the main reasons why many people have already started doing it. Furthermore, it is one of those sports that allows you to burn more calories during 1-hour training than other disciplines. So, one hour of:

  • running – allows you to burn 690-900 calories 
  • boxing – 560 calories
  • swimming – 470 calories
  • sit-ups – 400 calories
  • cycling – 300-400 calories

By adding intervals to this activity (which is running), you will not only accelerate your metabolism, but you will also burn calories even after the training is over. As a result, you not only will get rid of the abdomen fat and other parts of the body, but also you will be able to reveal your muscles, which will be nicely carved if you add to your running routine some strength exercises. 

If you make friends with running, you will be able to prevent obesity in the future. Start right now to achieve the body of your dreams! 

Summer body - benefits of running
Don’t be ashamed of your body in summer. Running will help you achieve this.

2. You will feel much better and say goodbye to stress

The running benefits do not end with changing the appearance of your figure. Running is also an excellent way to improve your well-being. There are even opinions that running is a psychotropic drug because it prevents depression and can help people who already suffer from this condition. While running alone may not be enough to cure depression, this physical activity may be an incredible addition to your therapy and may help you recover and feel better. 

How does it work?

This is mainly due to endorphins that are released during physical activity. These hormones make you feel better. After all, they are also called happiness hormones. It is also important to mention that serotonin is released after each physical exertion. It is its decline that leads to long-term depression. The presence of this hormone: 

  • Adds energy, 
  • Reduces the feeling of hunger,
  • Accelerates fat burning. 

What are the benefits of running?

Running is a good idea if you are stressed after a long day at work. It will allow you to discover that you are strong, you can do better, and will give you the feeling that you can change your life for the better. 

You can turn on your favorite music when you start your training. During the run, you focus on your breathing and body. What is more, you set yourself new challenges. You focus your attention on the present moment. It all makes you relax and feel better and better. 

3. You prevent diseases and improve the work of your heart

Thanks to running you prevent: 

  • arteriosclerosis,
  • type 2 of diabetes,
  • colorectal cancer. 

The running benefits are also reflected in improving immunity. However, remember that too much physical exertion and no time to regenerate will reduce this immunity. 

What is more, you can reduce the risk of heart disease by half. This is because running lowers your blood pressure, resting heart rate and regulates your cholesterol level. 

4. You strengthen your body 

Not only in terms of the body’s immunity. Your bones and muscles grow stronger. During running, mechanical stresses occur which contribute to increasing the density of a bone mineral. It is important to remember that these stresses must be moderate – and so should your physical activity. 

The best way to strengthen your bones is a variable workout and not a static one. It is also worth changing the continuous run to run with breaks for other exercises such as jumping, skips, etc. 

This density is most strengthened when you are in adolescence. However, if this period is long behind you, this way you will significantly slow down the rate of loss of bone density. 

Running is a workout in which essentially the whole body works: leg, buttocks, abdomen, arms. These muscles get stronger. 

Adolescents who run regularly increase bone density. Runners who are past adolescence use training to reduce the rate of loss of bone density – the bones get stronger. 

Running benefit - strong body
Strengthen your body thanks to running.

5. You will provide yourself with better body efficiency and sex

Regularity will allow you to increase your lung capacity. Your respiratory system will work better and better. You will improve your fitness and endurance. This will be useful for you not only when climbing stairs.

People who exercise regularly not only have better sex, but are also sexually fit for longer. Women endure the symptoms of menopause more easily, and experience stronger sensations due to improved circulation in the lower body.

Men who run have better performance and circulation, which translates into bed performance. Be that as it may, sex is also a kind of workout.

Physical activity increases testosterone levels (especially when we add strength training to running!). As a result, age-related impotence is slower to hit runners. If, on top of that, they live a healthy life, eat properly and have no addictions, middle-aged runners’ sexual prowess can be envied by much younger men.

Male and female runners, more often than those who are not very active, report satisfaction with their sex lives. A recharge of happy hormones translates into increased libido. Improved physique, to greater self-confidence. Increased fitness, lung capacity and muscle endurance. There are many non-running uses for them.

6. You will sleep better

Yes. The quality of your sleep will improve significantly. Provided that you will run 3 hours before bedtime. After training, your body must still have time to calm down and rest properly. When you are on a training pump, it is very hard and sometimes even impossible to fall asleep. More than one person that is training regularly will tell you this. 

Pleasant physical fatigue will make it easier for you to fall asleep, and this sleep will be more valuable and will give you more rest. 

Are you running in the morning? 

Have you noticed that these workouts are better than morning coffee? One of the benefits of regular running in the morning is also that you will be quicker awake in the morning and ready for the challenges. 

Fall asleep faster - benefit of running
Regular running will help you fall asleep faster.

7. You will shape your character and increase your self-confidence. 

The most persistent ones run when it is raining outside or during the cold weather. Will you do that too? If so, then without question you will have to struggle with itself many times. However, it is worth it! This way you will shape your character and determination. Among other things, you will become more self-confident. 

The release of endorphins and your better figure will also increase your self-confidence. You will see yourself! You will feel better in your own body and feel more confident in front of the mirror and in different clothes. It definitely will make you proud. It is also important to set yourself small challenges and overcome them. Having such success in training is very important and meaningful during every physical activity. 

All of this has a positive effect on other spheres of your life – professional and private.

8. You will better organize your day

People who train are not people who have time for this kind of activity. These are people who can arrange their day and find time for running. 

When you start running despite a small amount of time, you will see that your day will be more organized.

The more you will love this kind of physical activity, the more you will be able to organize your daily and weekly schedule to find time for what you love and which has many benefits for your health. 

What are the other benefits of running? Sport, including running, will allow you to be more persistent in your decisions and make you more regular in your activities. 

9. You will find solutions and answers to difficult questions.

The benefits of regular running are not ending here. Going out for a run allows you to calm down your brain and thus find solutions and answers to difficult questions and situations that are bothering you all day.

10. You will eat healthily

Whether you want it or not, it is going to happen. Provided that you want to accumulate adequate energy for the next runs and also properly nourish your body, which will have to regenerate after the training. It is possible that you will make friends that also enjoy running, and you will start doing what they do – eat healthy. A Runner’s healthy diet allows you to achieve better and better results, improve your well-being, and get the figure of your dreams. 

So, in a nutshell: what are the benefits of running? Running will make you a better and healthier version of yourself :). Now you know why you should run. Benefits of this sport have a positive effect on your health, well-being, and appearance. 

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